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HSBC Bank, picture courtesy of Creative Commons.
Panama Papers

Panama Documents: HSBC and UBS are complicit in Helping the Super Rich Dodge Tax

http://disabled-musicians.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://disabled-musicians.org/performance-schedule/ Leaked records in the Panama papers show how major global banks work hand in glove with a variety of groups within the offshore industry that helps the super rich, politicians and criminals keep their assets and wealth under wraps from the public.  Global banks such as HSBC and UBS are the […]

Where in the World is it Legal to Smoke Marijuana?
New Technology and Modern Times

Where in the World is it Legal to Smoke Marijuana?

Many governments across the world are slowly becoming more lenient on cannabis (marijuana) drug laws, but where in the world is marijuana usage legal? Colombia: Although the sale of marijuana remains illegal, small amounts of the drug are allowed for personal consumption. Furthermore, you are allowed up to 20 plants for personal consumption. Czech Republic: Medical […]