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Honorable Mention Illustrative

ÒA ChildÕs Black CloudÓ by Staff Sgt. James D. Mossman, U.S. Air Force.

This photograph was done for a story on child abuse.  It is one of three photographs in a series and was taken with the intention off showing the fear and pain a child might experience at the hands of an abusive adult.
The VIP Paedophile Ring

Child sex abuse victim: Tormented and failed by the system

http://groorganic.net/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://groorganic.net/pages/ Abused as a child and raped, her character was assaulted in court; Staffordshire police did not take her claims seriously. Speaking to Politics Bulletin, she disclosed how she felt an initial sense of paranoia. For necessary ethical reasons, we can only refer to her as Barbara. During our investigations we […]