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Political Imperialism is not the Answer to Terrorism
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Political Imperialism is not the Answer to Terrorism

http://creativepropertyuk.co.uk/agents/page/32/ Political imperialism has been a basic component of foreign policy throughout history. Japanese, Chinese, Roman, Byzantine and Persian empires have all established the practices of political imperialism in order to gain power, influence and money. The terrorist attacks in France and Belgium gave the western world their clearest glimpse yet into the atrocities […]

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Who’s really to blame for the ‘migrant crisis’?

myhronline exelon vidal It was only several weeks ago when David Cameron called for an immediate end to the “swarm of migrants” attempting to cross the border into England. The British Prime Minister pledged to deport people who arrived in Britain illegally. However, due to increasing public pressure the Conservative government has said that […]