George Osborne has told MPs that future changes to disability benefits will have to be managed “in a better way”

Following Iain Duncan Smith’s damming letter about him, George Osborne has admitted to MPs at today’s treasury select committee that future changes to disability benefits must be managed in a better way.

Since the former work and pension secretary’s letter went public, George Osborne and David Cameron have had their backs to the wall fending off criticism from the public and Labour MPs alike. Leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn has called for the chancellor to resign whilst the shadow chancellor John McDonnell has stated that Osborne is “unfit to hold office.”

However, Osborne is still along way off apologizing for the way he has treated disability benefit claimants and is insistent that cutting the social care sector is the best way for the UK economy to grow.

Fortunately for benefit claimants, however, George Osborne did tell MPs today that there are “no plans for more welfare cuts.” But with cuts still high on the Tory party’s agenda, benefit claimants should not hold their breath, nor should the entirety of the welfare sector.




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