Panama Documents: Keeping it in the Family: David Cameron’s Wife Worked for Tax Avoiders

Samantha Cameron earned an estimated £100,000 a year working for luxury leather Luxembourg based firm Smythson, a company which advertises python skin clutch bags for £850 and crocodile skin clutch bags for £3,200. This should come as another shock to David Cameron after his boast about ‘cracking down on’ firms who flee to other countries in order to avoid paying tax in this country. So is our Prime Minster going to crack down on the company his wife is a £100,000 a year paid consultant for?

As aforementioned, David Cameron vowed to “end tax secrecy” only four years ago yet in between then and now his wife worked for a tax avoiding company, is he just a bit dim, is he completely unaware of his wife’s life or is he taking us for fools? It should come as no great shock that Cameron has done next to nothing in regards to ending tax secrecy and why should he, his wife earns well over the triple average yearly wage as a consultant for a tax avoiding company: Seemingly it is not in his best interests to cut down on tax avoiding companies.

Oh, after the company shifted its headquarters to tax haven Luxembourg, the parent company of Smythson’s received a £2 million tax-payer backed loan. David Cameron has called people who avoid pay tax in the country that they work in “morally wrong”. It certainly cannot be conceived as libel to call our PM a hypocrite – Cameron should be the dictionary definition of one. His father partook in tax avoidance schemes, his wife earned a huge amount of money from a tax avoidance company, what next, will the Cameron family cat be the king-pin in the billion dollar Russian money laundering scheme? Not like it matters anyway – David Cameron will assure us that he will bring to an end companies and people who avoid paying tax through legal loopholes, nobody will believe him and the dodgy dealing will continue. Damn, maybe when he told us all that we are “all in it together” maybe he was lying about that too?

Do the Panama paper revelations really come as a shock to anyone?  As a global population, most of us are aware that politicians and big businesses lie to us. Double standards and hypocrisy rules throughout the world. How long will the findings of the Panama papers last in our memories? The Edward Snowden leaks should have been massive but how much has changed since in regards to the American big brother and secret NSA surveillance? We only have to hear news of Kim Kardashian’s latest nude selfie and the Panama papers, like the Snowden files will be long in the memory of most.

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