David Cameron under a potential investigation by the parliament’s standards watchdog

David Cameron is set to publish six years of his tax returns in a bid to end scrutiny over his investment in an offshore investment fund as he faces a potential inquiry by the parliament’s standards watchdog. 

It is thought that the move will put pressure on other high ranking members of the Conservative party to follow his example and reveal their own tax returns.

It is without doubt that the Panama Papers have damaged the Prime Ministers reputation with some government polls showing he has fallen behind Jeremy Corbyn in public opinion polls.

The past few days have seen the hashtag #resigncameron trending all over Twitter. It is our understanding, however, that David Cameron has had no thoughts over resigning despite strong public opinion encouraging him to do so.

The Prime Minister is expected to publish his tax returns dating back to 2009-10, the year in which he sold his $30,000 investment in his late father’s offshore fund.

George Osborne has also been under pressure this week to clarify his personal tax interests after the nervy looking chancellor had been accused of evading questions over the Panama Papers scandal.

The Panama Papers have hiked up the pressure on all major MPs to show more transparency by publishing their tax returns.

However, it does not seem to cross people’s minds that MPs publishing their tax returns is all a bit pointless seeing as tax evasion is all about keeping ill-gotten proceeds secret from the taxman.


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