‘Dark arts spin doctor’ Lynton Crosby has been knighted – British establishment insanity

Lynton Crosby, a propagandist who instructed the use of hateful, attention grabbing slogans whilst campaign manager for the Conservatives has been made Sir Lynton Crosby.

Crosby is right-of-centre political strategist and propagandist that makes an extremely secure living from instructing governments on the best ways to con the electorate. During his time working behind the scenes for the Conservative government, Crosby has been described as “a master of the dark political arts” and Crosby’s party trick is to use tactics which cause as much widespread bickering and debate inside the opposing party as possible.

It is no coincidence why Jeremy Corbyn’s short reign as leader of the opposition has been such a turbulent and troubling time for the Labour party and its supporters, despite the fact that Corbyn was elected labour party leader with “the largest mandate ever won by a party leader.” Crosby, rather than focus on the momentous failings of the party he works for, (the first all out Doctors strike in the history of the NHS, the collapse of the British steel industry, national debt at £1.7trn (climbing by £5,170 a second), forced academisation of schools, cuts to disabled support, tax cuts for the richest, 18,000 fewer police officers, 4,500 fewer fire-fighters), has directed public opinion towards the apparent turmoil in the Labour party and it has unquestionably been a great success.

The Labour party – specifically Jeremy Corbyn – has been under intense pressure from much of the media since Corbyn was elected party leader. “Labour in meltdown,” “Corbyn’s ISIS past revealed” and “Corbyn’s bid to turn Britain into Zimbabwe” are some of the headlines used to undermine Corbyn and his credentials as leader of the Labour party. On the other hand media scrutiny and debate surrounding the ruling Conservative government has been next to non-existent – the BBCs Conservative bias is as astounding to the same degree as the Murdoch press’ Conservative bias is obvious. Where are the similarly sensationalised headlines involving David Cameron – “Crazy Cameron bombs the hell out of Libya killing millions of innocent children”, Conservative government creates the immigrant problem”, “Cameron ignores a democratic vote and bombs Syria anyway.” The hypocrisy would be laughable if it wasn’t so malevolent and downright soul-destroying.

In 2008, Crosby was appointed to run Boris Johnson’s [successful] London Mayoral election campaign during which it was alleged that Crosby urged Johnson to focus his campaign on traditional Tory voters and not “fucking Muslims” – this advice cost the Conservative party £140,000. It was further reported in 2014 that Crosby was the main instigator behind David Cameron’s decision to reject the proposed idea of plain packaging on cigarettes. Crosby, hired by the maker of Marlboro cigarettes – Phillip Green – lobbied MPs to oppose the introduction of plain packaging on cigarettes. It is thought that Phillip Green would have lost millions if it wasn’t for Crosby’s influence on the British Prime Minister.

The absolute chaos currently revolving around the NHS is also thought to be at least partly Crosby’s doing. In July 2013, the Guardian reported that Crosby Textor, the company in which Crosby co-founded, had advised private healthcare providers on how to “exploit perceived failings in the NHS” for their own gain. The plan would be to show and exaggerate “failings of the NHS to  the electorate in order to replace the ‘insufficient’ free to use NHS with an ‘extremely efficient’ privatised NHS – these are the tactics which are seen in fruition at this very moment in time.

What we have seen today is a knighthood for a man who has driven UK politics deeper into the mud. Crosby epitomises the lack of conscience, morality and soul that we see within UK politics. The British establishment has become a parody of itself – knighthoods are not restricted to the very best and most deserving of society – media barons, paedophiles, money hoarders, corrupt bankers are all given knighthoods, unfortunately it characterises the complete insanity of the British establishment.

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