Brexit consequences: 20,000 jobs under threat as Deutsche Bahn set to pull the plug on Arriva UK following Brexit

Brexit is set to deliver its first real blow to the British public as German railway company Deutsche Bahn look to pull Arriva out of the UK due to their “unwillingness to invest outside of the EU.” Around 20,000 jobs are at risk.

A source close to a senior member of the trade union Unite has claimed that if the UK voted to leave the EU then Deutsche Bahn would “sell up” their investments within the UK.

Due to the UKs Brexit vote “huge uncertainty” is now surrounding employees of Arriva UK.

Arriva, which operates 5900 buses as well as a number of train franchises throughout the UK is currently headquartered in Sunderland and operates travel services in 14 countries across Europe.

It is unclear whether another public transport company would step in to save the jobs of around 20,000 people employed by Arriva within the UK.

Via their Twitter account, Arriva UK neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.



Arriva’s German parent company refused to say whether they were set to pull Arriva out of the UK despite the threat to thousands of UK jobs and declined to put us in touch with an authority capable of answering our questions.


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  1. Chris Hardy

    Somebody else will buy and operate it. They won’t pull out if they’re making profits-that’s what business is- profits wherever. Just remainer scaremongering. Same for all business from Mercedes to airbus. They all need sales and the uk is a very lucrative market for them all.

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